Virtual Training - Technical Activties

Ball Mastery:

10 Minute Ball Drills                                                                                                                                         

Continuous Scissors (No Touch)

Continuous Step Overs (No Touch)
Continuous Step Overs (Outside Touch)
Toe Taps
Tap, Tap, Roll, Step Over
Inside Squishes
Inside, Squish, Catch
Inside, Inside, Inside, Outside
Inside Pulls
Heel, Toe, Pull Back
Heel, Toe, Pull Back (Opposite Foot)
Heel Toe - Stop
Slap Cut
Slap Cut (Opposite Foot)
Soccer Dance
Continuous Reverse Cruyff
Backwards Triangles
Double L's
Roll, Step, Stop
Roll, Step, Stop, Twist, Roll, Spin


1 Bounce, 1 Juggle
The Knee Bounce
1 Bounce, 1 Juggle (Opposite Foot)
1 Bounce, 1 Juggle (Different Surface)
1 Bounce, Low Juggle, 1 Bounce, High Juggle
1 Bounce, 1 Juggle, 1 Bounce, 2 Juggles, 1 Bounce, 3 Juggles
Couple of Small Juggles, 1 Big Juggle
Every Juggle Must Be a Different Surface
Every Juggle Must Be a Different Surface & a Different Side
Every Juggle Must Be a Different Side (Right, Left)

Ball Control:

Ball Control - Inside of the Foot
Ball Control - Inside Spin
Ball Control - Outside of the Foot
Ball Control - Outside Spin
Ball Control - Moving Cruyff
Ball Control - Chest
Ball Control - Thigh
Ball Control - Foot


Dribbling - The Roll
Dribbling - Roll Step
Dribbling - Feint
Dribbling - Double Feint
Dribbling - Inside Outside 1
Dribbling - Inside Outside 2
Dribbling - Scissors
Dribbling - Double Scissors
Dribbling - Inside Scissors


Turning - Inside Cut
Turning - Outside Cut
Turning - Stop Turn
Turning - U Turn
Turning - Drag Push
Turning - Cruyff Turn
Turning - Step Over
Turning - Slap Cut
Turning - Inside Cut, Outside Cut Combination
Turning - Stop Turn & Step Over Combination
Turning - The L Turn & Drag Push Combination


Passing - Inside Push
Passing - Outside Push
Passing - Inside Curl
Passing - Lofted Pass
Passing - Driven Pass

Running with the Ball:

Running with the Ball - Into Space
Running with the Ball - At Speed


Shooting - Driven Shot
Shooting - Driven Shot Across GK
Shooting - Low Inside Curl
Shooting - High Inside Curl
Shooting - Outside Curl
Shooting - Chip
Shooting - Side Volley
Shooting - Half Volley