Financial Aid Request Procedures

Scholarship Request Procedures:

1.      Team Manager/coach assesses financial needs with specific players immediately following tryouts.
2.      Team Manager contacts the Scholarship committee to schedule an appointment at the next available meeting.
·        Managers must provide a completed scholarship application to the committee at the meeting.
·        Managers must be prepared to inform the committee how much the player can pay.
·        How much the team can contribute?
·        Family background - The player’s family situation/need/reason for aid.
·        Document the player is registered online with the club.
·        Registration deadline for financial assistance is 8/1. The only exceptions will be for new players joining older teams in the fall.
·        All of the above must be satisfied to be eligible for aid to be considered.
3.      The committee will meet with the manager. A decision will be made with in a week of the meeting.
4.      The committee will keep a written record (preferably and excel sheet) of awards granted including:
·        Player Name
·        Player Team
·        Manager and Coaches Names
·        Dates of Awards
·        Amount of the Award
The committee will provide the Board of Directors an update report following each committee meeting. An update will include a copy of the financial aid application.